Riding to work (VIDEO)

Please turn your speakers off for this as the audio is just the wind and it is really loud. Sorry about that.

What I am actually saying in the video was about what I could see as I was driving to work today. I was mentioning things like how the laws for scooters and vehicles in general were strange and good at the same time as being very restrictive and very safe. But maybe loud wind would sound more pleasant.

I really am working on making this a fantastic video blog or vlog for some. Just still trying out the most economical ways of doing things. Today’s attempt? The camera phone. It is actually front camera video from my old Google Nexus 6 which I use as my GPS / Podcast Listening / Video Shooting device.

So if you all out there have recommendations for cameras and things like that on the cheap, give me a shout out in the comments.

So here is what I do. I am an American and I do, actually, speak English very well. So some very nice Japanese people have allowed me to teach them English. It is a great way to get into living and working in Japan. I have been here for 7 years so far and it really has been interesting and great. Another cool thing and not so cool thing is that I really do not speak very much Japanese at all and I have survived just fine.

So keep stopping by and I will keep posting random thoughts and things.


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