Review of Calbee “I am lemon” Potato Chips

What…? Who would think that you could have “lemon-flavored” potato chips anywhere?

Of course – only in Japan. I tell you, we can get almost anything here in Japan in regards to flavors.

These chips were not very special, to be honest. I barely tasted the lemon flavor in them. They actually tasted quite a bit like just regular ole salted potato chips, like I had when I was a kid.

Anyways, check out the video review I did.

Please note – I was using a new head-mounted camera strap to film this and it might have, just slightly, cut off the bottom edge of the video. But I can assure you, the audio is really my voice and not a voice actor. Although a voice actor would probably do my voice much better than I could.

So watch on YouTube and subscribe. I do not make any money off my videos but if about 100,000 of you subscribe, I might make about $10.

Please note also that the bath towel in the background is a Winnie the Pooh bath towel, and I confess, it is mine.

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