A COVID-19 Summer

Summer is upon us now. The COVID-19 scare still lingers in the air. Things in Tokyo have just opened up and no one knows what to do. Although many stores are still closed there are lots of people wearing masks and going out. I have no idea what they are all doing.

I have no idea what they are all doing.

Tokyo Scooter Guy

To wear a mask or not to wear a mask. No one here is wearing it for virtue signaling but you will get some strange looks if you don’t. I am still wearing one as I don’t want to get anyone infected if I were somehow, asymptomatic. That is the only reason to wear one. That is probably the reason most Japanese will continue wearing them for quite some time. They are both critical of others and caring at the same time.

I want to get my vlog back up and going and really do some cool things this summer. Last year, I thought that I would drive around while doing some Uber Eats deliveries and get some great footage. And though I think I did get some footage, a lot of it had me swearing because of trying to look for Japanese addresses. What a dilemma that was. Have you ever heard about how Japanese addresses are created? Let me put it in simple terms so you will understand – the majority of streets and roads in Japan do not have names. And the building numbers are out of order. So there was actually very little time to even begin trying to tell you about Tokyo.

Also on a new note – I have been working on a few other websites that I might talk about more later.

Sorry to anyone or the only one who follows me – I’ll try to do more this year. I have some newer equipment to help with the filming on the vlog. I got one of those camera gimbal thingies, I updated my iPad, got a new mic to do voiceovers of my swearing while looking for addresses. All good things – now I just have to go out and make some videos.

See ya next time….

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