I’m Back

I just visited Ueno in Tokyo the other day. I’m still working on the videos to release. There are actually two that I will release – the first one will just be the road trip part, going there and back with a few highlights here and there. Hope you can tell me in the comments […]

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A New Start

I recently started trying to figure out a way to get into the online affiliate marketing business and thought that this might be an interesting way to do it. I came to Japan over 7 years ago and I really do love this country. It is, in a word, fantastic. From the people, the places […]

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New Decals Arrived and Installed

Well I have a friend named Thomas in Virginia who really hooked me up. I was just chatting with him one night on Facebook and asked him how I could get some decals made with tokyoscooterguy.com on them. He told me that he could make them himself. I said, “Really?” – he said, “Sure!” – […]

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Shibuya Crossing at Night

Hello again – I ride my scooter through the most famous intersection in the world – Shibuya Crossing – at night. It is always fun to ride around Tokyo day or night but I really love the crossing at night. It comes alive. So please check out my video and hit that subscribe button. I’ll […]

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First Day Uber Eats Driver

There will be more info and videos to come. My first day in a word – HOT!!! One of the hottest days of summer so far. I think it hit 96-97°F maybe hotter. Like me. Haha. This is what I did in about 4 hours as I slowly inched my way home. It was a […]

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Tokyo Scooter Guy CRASHES!!!!

Man, traffic accidents suck when you are part of them. They only suck a little less when they are not your fault (at least you hope they are not your fault – Japanese rules are different). It was a cloudy and slightly drizzling day and I was heading in to Yoga (a city in Tokyo […]

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