A COVID-19 Summer

Summer is upon us now. The COVID-19 scare still lingers in the air. Things in Tokyo have just opened up and no one knows what to do. Although many stores are still closed there are lots of people wearing masks and going out. I have no idea what they are all doing. I have no […]

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I’m Back

I just visited Ueno in Tokyo the other day. I’m still working on the videos to release. There are actually two that I will release – the first one will just be the road trip part, going there and back with a few highlights here and there. Hope you can tell me in the comments […]

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New Decals Arrived and Installed

Well I have a friend named Thomas in Virginia who really hooked me up. I was just chatting with him one night on Facebook and asked him how I could get some decals made with tokyoscooterguy.com on them. He told me that he could make them himself. I said, “Really?” – he said, “Sure!” – […]

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Riding to work (VIDEO)

Please turn your speakers off for this as the audio is just the wind and it is really loud. Sorry about that. What I am actually saying in the video was about what I could see as I was driving to work today. I was mentioning things like how the laws for scooters and vehicles […]

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